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It has begun - Another SS tale - Back from the future

Log I shall :

Started on Monday 17 February

24 years old Male
BW: 157#
8% Bodyfat or so...
I'll be drinking as much milk as possible but far from the gallon a day. Close to 2 Liters a day though. I aim a total of 4 to 6 Liter of liquid a day ( water + milk)
Following a French-based Paleo kind of diet. Altougth at the moment and for the next 6 weeks ( at least) I'll be eating as much as possible, and as often as possible, from quality food of course

1RM Squat (SQ): 245#
1RM Deadlift (DL) : 255#
1RM Shoulder Press (SP): 130#
1RM Benchpress (BP): N/A
1RM Power Clean (PC) : N/A *learned the lift @ xfit MTL on the 23rd of February*

Feel free to comment on anything, give tips, motivate, make fun of... lol

May the force be with all of us,

Monday 17-02-08

SQ @ 190 (80% of 1RM)
8x45# | 5x135# | 3x155# | 1x175# | 1x185#
Work set

BP @ 120# (80% of 1RM)
8x45# | 8x95# | 5x105# | 3x110# | 1x115#
Work set

DL @ 200# (80% of 1RM)
8x45# | 5x135# | 3x185# | 1x195#
Work set
"The results are in the intensity. The magic is in the movement. The art is in the programming."

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