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Re: GoRuck Sandbag

Originally Posted by Christopher Morris View Post
I had just ordered my GoRuck sandbag when I commented before. Now I've had some use with it over the past two years.

At the time I ordered, the two insert bags were inlcuded. The filler bags hold 40# each... I think I filled them with pea gravel. I lined the bag with a contractor garbage bag, filled it to the correct weight, and tied off the garbage bag. The filler bags have a double velcro closure, and they close nice and snug. I've never had any problems with anything spilling out.

I made my own 10# filler bags by putting the gravel in a contractor bag and wrapping it tight with Gorilla tape. I've never had those leak either. I have three bags of 10#, so I can put in my sandbag 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, or 90#. If I have the two 40# bags in the sandbag, I can't get more than one of my 10# bags in there, so 90# is the limit. It's tough to get it zipped closed with more than one extra 10# bag. If you want more weight than that, you should go with the Rogue sandbag.

The durability of the GoRuck is fantastic. I like to do cleans, and drop the bag from shoulder height. I also run with the sandbag on my shoulders, and it gets tossed on the dirty ground while I'm still moving when I'm ready for a break. Everything on the sandbag is still intact - no damage whatsoever to straps, zippers, or fabric.

I like the design. There are straps all over this thing. Straps in the middle to clean it with two hands. Straps on the ends for dragging it.

If this is the weight range you're looking for, it is a fantastic piece of equipment.
Thanks for the info. I do think the design of the handles on the GoRuck make it seem like a better option. It does end up being more expensive now that it doesn't come with any filler bags though. I've honestly not done much sandbag work at all. I was primarily planning to use it for weighted carries. Is 80-90lbs sufficient for that use, or do you think if that's my main plan I need it to possibly go heavier?
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