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Re: Lifting numbers, inconstancy, and non-transference

As for jerk...Push press and push jerk. I also like to do these BTN as well as the split. Push press and jerk teach full extension instead of cutting that short as is often done in the split. I mainly started push jerking to see if switching to it could be an option and because I heard it develops the finish of the hips. It also means one less day split jerking and my right hip likes that.

Push pressing and jerking behind the neck develop a dip that is more on the heels rather than how most people dip with the knees tipping them a bit forward.

As for the split. Working for the footwork a zillion times with the jerk cross.

Jerk balances and Split push presses. These are called a gillion different things. Do a google.

The Split stance push press assumes the split stance of the jerk with a dip and push press from the rack or BTN.

I've seen jerk balances with the bar on the back and then dipping and jumping into the split (while the bar stays on the back) and I've done it with the bar overhead.

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