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Jonathan Slater
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Re: Jonathan's Workout Log.

Hokey dokey. Got a load of paint from the local B&Q store today, and I'm going to gut and re-paint the garage (a.k.a. man room) tomorrow. It is going to rule. Of course it is far from finished due to monetary constraints, but I have just ordered a proper squat rack. This is somewhat essential, as my home-made disaster of a rack collapsed with the bar on it today, limiting me to 40kg squats (the most I can just pick up and hoick over my shoulders). Hopefully it will come very quickly.

My arms gave out before the end of the dips today, so I need to work on marginally easier things and work up to ring dips again, I think. Progression suggestions welcome if anyone actually reads this, ever. Anyway.

Sat* 13/9/08
Squat - 20kgx5x2, 30kgx5, 40kgx4, 50kgxsquat-rack-collapse, 40kgx5x3
Ring Dips - 3x10 pushups on little parallel bars, dipsx3x2
Deadlift - 40kgx5x2, 50kgx5, 55kgx5

*Was going to be on Fridays but I realised that was a mental idea after how wrecked I was from my thursday night TKD class. Great planning there.
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