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Jonathan Slater
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Re: Jonathan's Workout Log.

Man, I have to get a move on with constructing an ad hoc squat rack - my cobbling-together of a stepladder and my heavy bag (only possible as it is helpfully leaning against a wall after I broke the chain with a side kick. Sweet.) is probably going to cause my early death pretty soon. Anyway, I have to rescue my car from an MOT so I'll keep this short, though it's against my nature.

Wed 10/9/08
Squat - 20kgx5x3, 30kgx5, 40kgx4, 50kgx5x3
Press - 10kgx5x3, 20kgx5, 25kgx4, 30kgx5x3
Power clean - 10kgx5x3, 15kgx5, 25kgx5x3

My shoulder injury seems to be alright now, phew. Could probably have gone a touch heavier (shakey legs notwithstanding) on the power clean, but I'm not very familiar with it and don't want to break anything (ie myself). Everything else was freakin' hard, as it should be. Lots of grunting.
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