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Re: Jonathan's Workout Log.

Ah, praise be to all gods, the internet is fixed! I got back from Spain to a virus-infested PC, fixing it involved wiping all my program files, which included my net conenction software - cue much awkwardness and difficulty.
Anyway... best not cry over spilled milk, 'tis all sorted now.

So... where was I? (checks previous posts) Ah yes. Starting Strength. Did two workouts before going to Spain, which went quite well, except on the second I did something of a painful nature to my left shoulder during the press. Luckily my holiday intervened with a well-timed respite, during which I did a few runs to the beach and back (which was up an immense hill of unbelievable steepness) and some pushup/squat based workouts.

Since getting back (Sunday) I have done Monday's SS workout, as detailed below. Picked up some 20kg plates of a larger diameter than most of mine, which helps with the deadlifts as I don't have to reach all the way to my ankles. I'm also subbing ring dips for the bench press until I have a bench.

Monday 8th Sept (ie yesterday)
Squat - 10kgx5x2, 20kgx5, 30kgx4, 40kgx5x3.
Ring Dips - pushupsx10x3, dipsx3x3
Deadlift - 20kgx5, 30kgx4, 40kgx4, 50kgx5.

The ring dips were probably the hardest thing here, as my arms aren't particularly strong. Comments along the lines of my legs being much the same as my arms will be met with profanities and possibly some sword-based action. Looking forward to tomorrow.
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