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Jonathan Slater
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Jonathan's Workout Log.

Thought I should really get more 'stuck in' after lurking on the board and doing infrequent workouts for a while now. So, step one - workout log.
(Actually, step one was today's WOD which will shortly go into this workout log. But that's being pedantic.)

My goals in doing this are, in no order whatsoever,
- torch all the visible fat that I can (hey, I'm 26, vanity still has a strong hold)
- address the fact that I can run half-marathons, side kick over my own head height, and yet am drastically lacking in basic physical strength. This is what slows me down in all the workouts I do. If you were to look up 'strong like bull' in a (presumably Russian) dictionary, my picture would be in the column marked 'antonyms.'
- get myself in the synonym column for 'strong like bull.'
- get as fit as the proverbial fiddle.
That's about it I think, the other reasons like improving my TKD performance, running better, etc are side effects of the above.
In fact, I can probably compress all that into 'I want to be strong, fast, and fit.' Very original.

Anyway, first WOD post:
800m run, 21 x 65lb shoulder press
800m run, 21 x 65lb push press
800m run, 21 x 65lb push jerk

Obviously a dire time, caused by my spaghetti arms. Still, it does feel good to get past the niggling 'that's a terrible time, don't post it' thoughts. Looking forward to making some big improvements.
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