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Re: Weird pains in my right leg for no reason?

The first time I felt the pain behind my left knee was after a workout as I was getting out of a chair - not during the workout. It was a very sharp pain but at the time I didn't think much of it, I just thought I put my weight on it wrong. Then around the middle of December I did some heavy squats one night. I don't remember my knee hurting while I was working out that time either but the next day whenever I put weight on it I would get that sharp pain. So much so that it would almost drop me to the ground. Now I have the pain whenever I do anything requiring going down into a squat position, even body weight exercises. Although I don't feel the pain walking or running, I do get a twinge when I put weight on it getting off the couch or out of a chair.

I've made the mistake of working through injuries in the past, but I'm being VERY cautious with this one. I'm beginning to wonder if this board shouldn't be renamed Don's Injuries Chronic & Acute. Getting old sucks.
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