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Re: uneven legs

Originally Posted by Steve Agocs View Post

If this is what your chiropractor did he/she was finding a mix of information... could be anatomical leg length discrepancy (i.e. one bone is longer than another), could be a functional/structural imbalance (i.e. from pelvic torsion which is EXTREMELY common, or from muscle imbalances in the muscles of the legs or low back that connect to the pelvis, also common and goes hand in hand with the torsion mentioned, etc).

DO NOT try to self-prescribe a heel-lift or buildup. Heel lifts and things to even out a leg length inequality are tricky business and you need to have more information, like x-rays of the pelvis and low back, to make the best judgment call whether a lift would help or make things worse. It's not as easy as mechanically shimming on foot relative to the other.

Without knowing anything about you, I would say that a functional leg length inequality is not likely to be the culprit for the lifting problems you are seeing, in and of itself.

WHY there is a leg length inequality COULD be the reason, though. For example, a VERY common source of functional leg length inequalities is an overpronated foot, which affects about 85% of the population to one extent or another. Overpronation causes a lot of ankle dorsiflexion issues and when you look at what happens to the kinetic chain, especially under loads, in an overpronated foot it would go a long way to explaining what you are noticing.

But, it could be a ton of other things, too.

My recommendation to you would be to find a chiropractor or PT who is certified in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and/or Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and uses these methods a lot and get a movement assessment done. I think this would bring to light where your issues are coming from.

Of course, this information is for INFO ONLY. I am not attempting to diagnose or offer any treatment of your problems nor is this post intended to be a replacement for a medical exam or treatment...
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