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Re: Life Changes, Priorities and Program Design

I mirror Larry's sentiments. It simply looks like "more is more". I also don't see how this fits your "two days on, one day off, two days on, two days off" desire either.

Why not just continue to follow whatever program you are already following, and just modify the day's. As life happens, you just roll with it.
For example:
If your current programming calls for work-work-work-rest-work-work-rest
Just because there are 7 days listed there, doesn't mean you have to be a Monday-Sunday 7 day cycle. Alter it as necessary, maybe your schedule might start to look like work-work-rest-work-rest-work-work-rest or whatever. You simply follow the program as written, but ultimately behind a few days and add in the rest days as life dictates. (and/or to prevent heavy squat twice in a row).
So you aren't reinventing your programming, you're just adjusting it to your schedule.

Failing that, if you are wanting to build your own programming. Then perhaps do some mini-cycles. Concentrate on squatting for 6 weeks. Then Oly lifting for 6 weeks. Then metcon for 6 weeks. Then hypertrophy for 6 weeks. etc. Keep some basic strength/metcon in there always, but change the focus.

And yes, I'd personally try to add in accessory work into the metcon. Especially if you are trying to keep it all to under 1.5 hrs.
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