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Re: Life Changes, Priorities and Program Design

Decent. I've done FS/BS back to back and vice versa. I also have a friend who is doing BS then FS early in the week because of a weird schedule she has at her gym. FS the day before seems to limit the BS the next day.

I've got a buddy and we actually fleshed out something for him as his job and working on his Master's on a few weeknights and coaching in the early *** mornings were taxing.

He was coming from WL programming at a nearby club though originally he switched to WL from competitive CF aspirations because his lifts needed to get a lot stronger.

Similar focus of cutting training time to 90m-2hrs.

Basically it's 3 days of lifting. M-Sn, W-CJ, F-max out, Sa-other strength work. BS on M and Sa, FS on Wed. Conditioning on MWSa. Push work on M, Pull work on W.

Personally, I've tried to rack BTN jerk the day after a max out and it's never been great typically. I did get into doing jerk recoveries on Sa after F max-out and that worked out well but I wouldn't do them before HSPU work because Jerk recoveries will tax the hell out of you.

Yeah, the Sunday is fine. Even if you end up skipping it or doing a light CF WoD or KB, jog whatever.
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