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Re: I can't take it anymore

My advice to you:

I understand you are only 15 so you won't have the same patience or perspective as someone who is an adult. TRY TO BE PATIENT!

If you gain a solid pound a week, in a year you will still be 16 and weight 178 pounds!

It takes time for your joints tendons ligaments bones etc to adapt. Gaining weight too quickly makes you more vulnerable to problems.

If you switch around too quickly from program to program especially when one has given you gains of " your total bodyweight...squat 66% higher... and raised your bench by 35%", you are being impatient and short sighted!

It is obviously you choice but if I was 15 and wanted to gain solid weight I would do Rips program "as written" which means following the programs, eating and if I had no lactose problems, drinking the milk. When I stalled I would move back in weight and drive on as the program calls for. I would use proper form and continue until I was 2 or three times as strong as you are today! But that is just me.

Greg would probably tell you he did not get to where he is in a few weeks!
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