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Re: Gillian Mounsey Article

Originally Posted by Emily Mattes View Post
Jim, perhaps you would like some evidence. Have yourself a look-see through this thread. You can start near the back if you want the most recent results. A poster on there has gleaned many cases of SLAP tears, back injuries, Achilles tears, and about 220 cases of rhabdo. He's also assessed the causes of these injuries, and the causes end up being the same thing over and over--such as use of high-rep GHD sit-ups. This is just from what people have reported on the Internet so it excludes any injuries NOT reported in public arenas.

I think you are confusing your anecdote with data.
I would highly hesitant to put forth the body of work collected by AW in the thread as any sort of "evidence". If the guy put forth 1% the effort to train that he does scouring the Internet for anything related to potential injuries due to Crossfit, I would be amazed. His "evidence" is purely self reported posts, comments on message boards or "Dude, I can't move my arms" as proof positive of rhabdo. Based on prior comments in that thread, he has admitted to self over-exaggeration of performance and capability that this "evidence" is also subject to exaggeration as well. Granted, he has scores of screen shots from a vast variety of sources but anecdotal reports does equate to clinical data.