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Actually, Paleo allows some moderately high GI carbs, particularly for the post-wo window. A particular favorite of mine is sweet potato, but regular potatoes are also allowable at that time. Any fruit or fruit juice would also work. I'm not much for measuring weight or calories. I usually eat a small/medium sweet potato after a 30min to 1 hour work-out that is met con. Cordain recommends at least 3/4 gram carbohydrate per pound of body weight if exercise was up to an hour or so. You could also try to estimate total calories expended to determine the amount you should consume. I don't think its an issue for short, intense work-outs in which only up to a few hundred calories are burned. Cordain particularly advocates a recovery drink that includes branch chain amino acids. He has lots of tables and formulae in the Paleo Diet for Athletes, which I find to be aimed more toward endurance athletes than recreational crossfitters.
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