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Hi folks,

I wanted to announce to other Crossfit affiliates the availability of a free online crossfit fitness tracker that I built and have been using with my local affiliate for a few months now.
(I am a client, the gym I belong to uses the app extensively.)

(pronounced stat-you-luss)

For Crossfitters:
- Quickly enter your time and notes for a Crossfit named workout
- Quickly enter your time and notes for a custom workout
- Track your daily nutrition (simple, journal style)
- Track other activities like 1-rep max's, running times for various distances, body weight
- See your progress visually with graphs of each of your workout categories and activities

Share with others:
- Connect with friends on to share your workout logs and graphs with each other
- Share your entire workout log or a single workout with private links
- Share your graphs with private links
- View your workout log via RSS

For Affiliates:
- Set up your affiliate on! This gets you:
- A workout log that aggregates everyone's stats in one place
- A simple web page for your gym to display basic info and your WOD via RSS
- Connect with your clients on to check in on their progress before class!

I'm enhancing the application regularly and would love your feedback to continue to evolve this great tool. The feedback I've received from our 100+ members has already greatly improved the app, and it can only get better from here.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, or to have your affiliate set up for free:

Sign up and keep tracking!
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