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Re: Ronnie Coleman leg pressing

Okay, in the spirit of keeping this thread totally off topic, but relating it to other points brought up throughout the thread...

What is considered a "good" DL weight? I would think that for most people that 2x BW is good, or even better than average... then again, crosfitters aren't "most people" are they!?

For that matter, what is "good" in terms of the CFT? 6X BW? 7x BW? More? 6x BW would put me just shy of 1,000# (990 to be exact).

I was damn impressed when I went over 2x BW on my DL, but that was because I had never done any oly lifts in my life prior to CF and I've only been doing CF since our affiliate opened in July. At our last CFT I wanted to pull 405 so bad, but it never came off the ground... 385 was my limit.

My CFT is just over 5x BW, but that is mostly due to the fact that my DL is 2.33x BW.

I'd like to go over 1,000# on a CFT eventually, but I don't do any specific lifting to increase it, so if/when it happens, it'll be purely from WODs. Do you guys think it is realistic that I could be able pull that much more weight just doing WODs?
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