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Re: Baby Boomers

Daniel, I'm a Baby Boomer (55) & I can't give you an answer. I'm also a trainer, although not in a CF box yet. All my clients get Cf style workouts. From my perspective there is a lack of boomers doing any workout.
For myself, I'd rather not have any special WOD's. At CFX where I train, I just do the WOD as Rx'd if possible. If the weight is heavy I may need to scale but I like to see how close I can get to the younger guys & depending on the WOD & modality can be reasonably competitive with most except the firebreathers.
I think just give them the WOD & some scaling options & encourage them to improve & not just resign themselves to slowing due to age. I've been Cfing for 18 months & still getting better times, weights etc.

Hope this helps a little
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