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Re: Jonathan's Crossfit progression

Had a dream about squatting last night. Not sure if that's a good thing!

Regular strength warm-up

Back Squat: 220#'s
220x5x2, 220x11!

Still had plenty left but I had a wicked Charlie-horse/cramp in my left quad/hip flexor region. Rolled it out with the grid and a lacrosse ball but it still fires up when I sit down or get up. In any case I'm really starting to feel the bottom of the squat, the hamstring stretch, driving up out of the hole and keeping the knees out, big inhale at the top, chest up, tight back, etc... Got lots of compliments on form, but the one that really counted was from our strength trainer Luke Espe. Good times...

Weighted chin-ups: 25# vest, 6x3, got greedy and went for a fourth set but only got 4, took off the vest and banged out 4 more wider-than-shoulder-width pull-ups.

Conditioning (more like abs):
"Ab-roll" basically the same thing as the ab-wheel or ab-roller but we were using a barbell with 25# bumpers on it as the roller. 3x10

Hollow rocks 3x15

Stretched and rolled out legs as usual and did some lax ball rolling on my left quad as well as some bicep/tricep rolling with the small football roller.
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