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Re: Jonathan's Crossfit progression

Deadlift day! Sooooooo, I went out last night so I didn't get up in time to go to the strength class. Instead i went to the school gym and did the workout there. Basically repeated last Saturday without the turkish get-ups, and the sit-ups were a little different.

Deadlift: 265
265x7-ish, not really sure 'cause I lost count. I'd blame the alcohol if this was a one time thing. The low number of reps however I blame on the lack of sleep and alcohol.

Bench: 160
160x10!!! Awesome!

3 sets of 9 chins, almost failed the last rep third set, went back and did a set of pull-ups to 9 after ab/conditioning

Back ext. 4x10

Officially hit 191#'s on the scale after my post-workout shake. Wow. I think I was weighing about 180 when we started this program back in early Feb.
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