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Re: Jonathan's Crossfit progression

Did our regular warm-up even though we weren't lifting today and
2 sets of 9 chin-ups (I swear these are getting harder every time)
3 sets of 10 dips

Then the "Viking"
This was a fun one!

In teams of four

Rowing to site of attack: 250 m row, 1 captain calling out "row", 3 oarsmen rowing in unison until the slowest of the three gets to 250 m

Pushing the ship into shore: 6x30 m Heavy (180#'s plus the weight of the sled) prowler pushes, teammates resting or sharing as needed

Kill the townspeople!: 60 "kills" or sledgehammer strikes on tractor tire, reps only count while at least two teammates were holding themselves at the top of a pull-up

Wounded warrior rescue: 400 m run one person must be carried the whole distance, as well as a ~50# sandbag

Row home: another 250 m row, same as before but with a different "captain" calling out the pace.

Celebrate with a Guinness! Happy St. Patrick's day!

Being the lightest at 190#'s meant I was carried the furthest, and let me tell you it sucks! Being winded, then having someone's shoulder in your stomach so you can't get a full breath...being carried was far worse than carrying.

Just for fun, I did 7 regular pull-ups before leaving. good times
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