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Re: Pectoral rupture

hey mate!Has been 4 months since i ruptured my pec major.After 6 weeks i started training again.I couldn't do dumbells or bench press but made i have 2 months im not training anymore.I was at my doctor today!He told me that more than 70% of pectoral major is ruptured.He put me in 2 choise options.1.operation or 2.nonoperative treatment (wich i will go for 2 and a half months in a physical treatment for 1 and a half hour a day!Ultrasound,laser,masagges,ectr.And for 6 months i will not train and also they will put my arm in some bandage or something so i wont move my arm to much or not at all i don't know.) Now which option is more resultative(from 100%).Think as 4 your self.If would be u what woud u chosse! Thank u!
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