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Pat Janes
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I have to tell you, Barry, you absorbed more of Zatsiorsky than did I.

I recognise the concepts that you've been pulling from the book and applying to CF, but I haven't made any of the connections myself. Keep it up though; you're like my "study notes", reminding me of what I should have picked up the 1st time around.

I also think that CF makes it pretty clear that the science is behind the practice in terms of programming, but applying the science retrospectively still helps us to understand how things are working.

I'm forever fascinated by how CF (or the WOD as a one size fits all) accomplishes what it does. I don't come anywhere near to understanding it, but it's fun to think about.

Things like, "how did my back squat increase by 10kg without doing anything resembling a back squat in months?". That happened to me and similar things happen to people around here all the time.
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