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Re: Excessive internal hip rotation

Originally Posted by Alix James View Post
When loaded, there is a slight butt wink but this would only occur after the the right need has moved in. An air squat can be preformed without problem although its clear the client feels much more comfortable with heels in and feet parallel.

I asked if xrays had been carried out in the past to look at any twisting or abnormalities with the head of the femur but none have ever been taken, will keep a close eye on it and hopefully we can keep him progressing
If there's a butt wink and drop of the knee, that suggests to me he's compensating for something at a certain level. Depending on how his hip flexion is, you may want to stretch for that. That's the number one cause of the buttwink.

Most of the time, general doctors don't consider femoral ante and retrotorsion. I've seen it most commonly measured by PTs by locating the greater trochanter, positioning it where the hip should be in neutral and looking at where the knee/leg are. On top of that, I think even orthopedists complete the same diagnostic test - it's not typically x-rayed in my experience.
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