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Re: Excessive internal hip rotation

I'd say internally, the right leg is a comfortable 65degrees and can be pressed through more. The left slightly less.

External probably 50-55degrees both sides.

Below 40kg the client can be queued to drive the knees out, getting past 50 yes the right knee especially falls inward. Bringing the heels in an inch fixes this a little but its not a solution I think is gonna help in the long run.

The client has been reporting discomfort pain in their lower back, specifically not the hips they say after squatting or lifting. Bodyweight stuff they are fine. It isnt a mental thing as the client wants to lift more and would try if we allowed them to. They are fine at handling weight in presses and upperbody movements.

Thanks for your help so far Brent, I will continue to try and find a solution - currently setting up an seperate program for him for those days.
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