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Re: Excessive internal hip rotation

Originally Posted by Alix James View Post
Hi Brent, thanks for the reply, I had begun to think similar which is why I hadn't continued to load those movements.

I have checked internal/external rotation and external rotation is still equal or greater than a normal range of motion.

Whats your thoughts on fixing the client at a set weight, say 40kg, and performing more sets/reps for back squat/deadlift days. Just hoping to find a stimulus that keeps the client progressing and won't be causing any problems to them.
Interesting - can you give me any idea of how much internal and external rotation (in degrees)? If he's/she's hyperflexible both ways, then it could just be indicative of the collagen content within the connective tissue.

Does the client tend to fall into a genu valgum position (knee falls inward toward midline) when under significant weight? If this is the case, you'll really have to focus on strengthening the external rotators of the hip, mainly isometrically and eccentrically. Also, why isn't the client comfortable with heavier weights? Does it cause pain or physical discomfort? Is it a mental thing?

And in the meantime, doing what you're suggesting is the best way to continue progressing. Higher reps, same weight, will still increase the work capacity of the individual.
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