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Excessive internal hip rotation

We have a client in the gym who presents with excessive internal rotation in the hips. The can sit on there bum with feet turned out to the sides comfortably.

Initially it wasnt causing too much problem but we are struggling to move them up through a strength program as they are uncomfortable with squatting over 70kg and deadlifting over 90kg. We started very light and are struggling to get past this point, the client can press over 50kg and bench 90kg but we can push the DL and squat any more for fear of losing form and injuring the client.

The client naturally performs an air squat better with feet closer together and toes pointing forward, we have worked with some 12'' bands to get a stronger knees out toes out squat, which is ok until loaded above 50kg. Also implemented some band lateral walks etc to try and build some stability in the region.

Whilst DLing lumbar curve is perfect with hips really low at light weight, a higher hip position then causes rounding of the lower back.

Just wondering if we are heading in the right way or if there is a better approach.

Thanks for any help given!
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