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Re: Help with running

Originally Posted by Chris Kidd View Post
I think normally its my lungs that hurt first but legs pretty soon afterward. I'm sure its a stamina or endurance deal but I just dont know how to progressively improve this.
I guess I'm leaning toward the "couch to 5k program". Doing this 2-3 times per week and regular crossfit strength and metcon wods 2-3 days per week. After I can get my 5k where I want it, I hope just doing crossfit will keep it there.

I'm a personal trainer mate, drop me an email and I'll send you a 4 week training program through for running. I grew up as a sprinter playing county Rugby League for Yorkshire. The furthest I ever ran was 100m, destroyed my knees playing the game so I stopped. A few years later I started to get into distance but found myself in the same position as you are. I built up and built up, then ran the Lake Windermere Marathon 4 weeks ago in my Vibram Fivefinger Treksports! The session I'll send you won't include any strength training, just mileage, but it can easily be worked around CrossFit
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