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First off thank you very much for the respons. About the non organic meats you mentioned turkey, chicen ect. yes I am worried about the antibiotics, but my main concern are the nitrosamines. I eat organic meat because it is not preserved with sodium nitrate. on the dairy issue, can you please explain what high insulin response is and what are the facts about lectin/molecular mimicary? when I think about carbs I only think bread and grains, but you said somthing about carrots, fruits, beets, and onions being carb dense foods. I do under stand that these foods have a high amount of sugar in them, but that does not make them a complex carb does it? Could you please give me an example of two days of the Robert wolf diet, and could you please touch a little on the issue of Ketosis.
I thank you so much for your time
sean One more thing,do you eat any grains?
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