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Re: Warehouse Utility Costs

Originally Posted by Gregg Arsenuk View Post
Can anyone offer experience with utility bills for their warehouse? Monthly gas/electric costs on avg? I am in NJ and have a 5000 sq ft space w/15ft ceilings. I am assuming I will be paying an arm and a leg. But figure this is Crossfit and I will limit the use of heat as much as I can get away with. What wld also be helpful is if anyone has any energy saving ideas that they have employed or know of any policies the electric and gas co's have for energy saving.

you should really look into an energy broker. i mean to say that we use an energy broker here and he is paid buy the energy company he represents and he negotiates savings in the industry and cut our costs in half. we signed up for a 12 month contract but locked in an awesome rate. not sure if you have theese types in your area though?
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