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November 30, 2007

25 GHD sit-ups 2x
25 GHD back extensions 2x
15 OHS 45# 2x
SS 20 sec 3x

11 rounds + 6
All kipping except a few mixed grip dead hangs at the end.

Last time: 10 rounds all singles

MY HANDS HURT! every part of them. I felt like I was going to tear a callous during the workout which was distracting. My fingers and the palms of my hands are killing me.

Tabata sit-ups after the WOD: 11 each round

I'm going to lost batallion hall tomorrow for some Olympic Lifting Practice. Maybe I'll get another PR on my Clean and Jerk. I'm looking for at least 125.

I should really focus on the snatch. I can do it with a KB but it's a whole other world with the BB. That's the main reason I started going to LBH. I needed some extra help.
I'm dying to go to the Burgener Cert.

My Zoning is going really well. I love it. I feel full and lighter. I used to eat so much that I looked pregnant all the time. I would eat until I felt sick and needed to sleep. I feel so much better this way.

It may sound vain but I can't wait to look as strong as I am. I'm sick of people saying "oh I never would have guessed you're strong". When Nicole walks in a room you know that girl is a powerhouse. I want to look that way and the Zone is going to help me get there.

I always say looking good is a side effect of training hard. I believe that. I'm focused on what my body can do. I love having the freedom my healthy strong body gives me.
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