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Re: WWE starts taking a stand

Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
With all due respect, there might be a handful of people on these forums that could keep up with these guys on the WOD. Regardless of what you think about wrestling, these guys are on the road 300 days a year and still find time to lift weights, eat properly, work their fights, and perform (while we rest 1 day out of 4). If you've been on the mat, you know that falling is falling, whether it's planned or not. A few thousand of those a year start to add up, not to mention grappling 250 pound guys day in and day out. The steroids are as much for recovery as for the muscles. The only way to eliminate steroids is to give these guys more rest. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Traditional lucha libre is as you described. Mexican wrestlers were smaller and more acrobatic. Steroids have taken that over, too.
Good points all around Gant. Although I don't agree with the use of steroids in any sport, those guys still take one hell of a beating, planned or unplanned. I also have to agree with your comment about Mexican wrestlers. I use to really love watching those aerial acrobatics...simply awesome. It's too bad steroids have seeped into that world as well.
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