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Donald Woodson
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When I was over in Argyl Scotland years ago, there was a punk band out of Glasgow called (and I'm not kidding), "Peter Head and the Four Skins".
Any of you UK guys ever heard of 'em? They played a lot of Clash, Pistols, and some of their own stuff. They were quite popular in the area.

Karl, have you ever had the pleasure (or not) of riding a Kawasaki 750H-2 triple, early '70's vintage? It's one of the machines that tried to kill me. It was a two stroke. Not much happened until you hit 4000 rpm, then all hell broke loose all the way to 8500 rpm. I had to lay on the bars to keep the front end down, then the back tire would break loose and squirrel all over the place. And it was extremely front heavy, would not turn very well at all.
Actually quite useless for your type of racing, but on the straights, nothing could touch it.
I also had a Norton 850 Commando for a while. Loved it, till I crashed it as well.
Wow, I just found a picture of a KAW exactly like mine:
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