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lower back tightness

I know that there are tons of threads that have the exact topic as this one, but it seems like I haven't gotten my answer yet.

I've been doing crossfit for about 6 months now. (I do 3 on 1 off)
I love everything about crossfit, but every time I do high reps of kettlebell swings or deadlifts in the workout, my lower back gets tight really fast.
For example, today I did
800m run
10 rounds of
10 kettlebell swings (53)
10 box jumps (24'')
and finished up with 800m run. I was in really good shape for the first 5 rounds, but after that, my back started getting tight. And when I started the last 800m run, I just couldn't run anymore because of my back. I ran for few seconds and stopped and ran for few and stopped and so on.
Also my lower back gets loosen up and is not sore anymore in 10 minutes or so after the workout. Plus I feel fine when I do short heavy deadlift wod. So i've never thought that there is something wrong with my back. But now I'm starting to think so.
It's just so annoying because I've been doing back workouts like the one I did today at least once a week for the last 6 months and it just never gets easier.
I can definitely handle way more weights than before, but my back just don't last long.

Have any idea?
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