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Critique my diet

Looking for some diet pointers to get me over the hump from a seemingly plateaued body composition. Been crossfitting for 3 months now and was running/lifting religiously for years before that. Crossfit has done a lot, and I'm just not sure if I should keep my head down and keep working or shake something up in my diet/schedule.

A little about me:
24yrs old, 6'0" floating around 205 lb, good amount of muscle, still a little trimming to do, not sure about BMI metrics etc.....Exercising 5 days a week, with CF 3-4 days and a distance run (~5miles) 1-2 days per week with a cubicle job during the day...

Eating on an average work day:

Breakfast (5:30am):
3 egg omelate (2 whites) with spinach/tomato/bacon/cheese/jalapenos
big naval orange
Coffee (1 cream, 1 sugar)

Snack (~8:30am):
some sort of low-carb protein shake (~15g protein)

2nd snack (~10:30-11am):
med. coffee (1 cream, 1 sugar)
low- carb protein bar (~10g protein)

Lunch (~12:30-1pm):
Salad with chicken/turkey, mixed greens, small portion of dressing
Whey protein shake (~25g protein)

Snack (~3:00pm):
Apple or Grapes

Workout (~5pm)
PWO protein shake (just switched from 42g myoplex shake to 2 cups of light chocolate milk because the myoplex was just too damn expensive).

Dinner (~7:30-8)
Vegetable(s) with chicken/chicken sausage/fish/small steak (steak once a week at most)

Side Notes:
-Sometimes I do a PWO shake of 2 scoops of whey, peanut butter and a banana and skip a true dinner because it usually holds me for the evening.
-I drink more than enough water (~6- 16oz bottles just at work, not including post workout/evenings.)
-Satisfy sugar cravings with mini reeses cups (limited myself with no more than 4 per day). I get between 6-7.5 sleep per night.
-I do have the bad habit of running up the bar tab 1 night per week on Saturdays.... probably a source of the problem, but i figure I can have 1 night a week of being unhealthy.

Let me know if you have any constructive criticisms.

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