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Re: Starting Strength before and after pics?

Originally Posted by Jeffrey Liu View Post
Oh man, I can't wait for the responses to this one...that's like lighting a molotov cocktail of "abz for teh ladiez" hate from the SS purists.

And no, you won't lose your abs from doing SS. You'll lose your abs from the amount of calories you need to consume in order to properly recover from your SS workouts and continue making linear gains without quickly hitting a plateau.
Okay, that makes sense. and yea, Im expecting a lot of hate from that question, but lets hope that as I get older I mature and stop caring what others think of my body. Say I do SS then, ive got a couple more questions.

1. Ill be starting in the summer, and i know at one point ill be going away to montreal and staying at a relatives house for a good week or so. Should I just do metcons there?
2. Say I do SS for the whole summer, and resume crossfitting when school starts in september. If im doing mostly metcons, or if i begin to mix metcons and heavy days (say 2 a week), will i lose all of my gains?
3. Again, sorry for this, but If i do SS, and then begin crossfitting again when I finish, will my abs become visible again?
4. What happens if I do not eat enough?
5. What do I say to parents who think I am lifting too much, as well as think that I am big enough as it is, and will get "scared" if i begin a program like this, and an osteopathic doctor (my uncle) who is telling me to purchase a belt because he is afraid my back will lose its form
6. Finally, in the summer, i will be off season for trampolinning. Besides biking, I will not be doing much cardio. I have hypertriglycedmia (high cholesterol), and it is genetic. What should I do to ensure it stays down? I dont have enough healthy food in my house to only eat that, and my rents wont NOT buy junk food because they are under the presumption that they cant force my 10 year old bro to eat clean as possible.
7. Okay i lied, one more. How do I tell fi i am eating enough?

I understand that visibility is not a matter of strength, and that my abs are gonig to get MUCH stronger upon doing this, but i feel kind of weak without them.

Also, I love food too much to not eat enough xD
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