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Greg Battaglia
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I didn't even really touch on the topic of this post, lol, sorry. But, the multiple meals/day concept that he strongly promotes is also pretty nutty. There's really no scientific evidence to suggest that more frequent meals are more beneficial than less frequent meals, and there is actually a good amount of research developing that is finding the exact opposite (intermittent fasting) to be true. Not to even mention that humans did not evolve eating 6 small meals a day, or even 3. Since we're talking about creating a baseline for nutrition before doing anything "radical" wouldn't the WD be more logical than a multiple meal/day feeding cycle. The WD certainly is much closer a feeding cycle to that which we are adapted to follow, so shouldn't that be the template for feeding times? I think we need to start changing our definitions of what's "normal". Just because something is normal in today's society doesn't mean that our bodies accept it as normal. Again, no disrespect to you Larry. I acknowledge and respect your prodigious contributions to this board.
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