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Re: deadlift 1rm

Originally Posted by Robert Callahan View Post
The amount of rounding in that video, for any lifter, anywhere, of any skill/strength level, is dangerous.

I am not saying Max deadlifts won't have some rounding, but this is not "some rounding" this is 100% flexed, no engagement of the spinal erectors at all. And not only is this level of rounding extremely dangerous, it is also extremely inefficient. He lost so much of the pulling strength from his legs in that rounding of his back.

I have attached a picture illustrating the different levels of back rounding. All the images are taken right after the weight breaks the ground. In the middle is KK lifting 770lbs while standing on a 4.5 inch box, his lumbar spine is nice and flat. On the right is a picture of a moderate amount of lumbar curvature, to the degree that I would expect on a max effort lift. The left is our friend here with complete lumbar flexion.
You know, watching the OP video again, and really looking at Konstantin's youtube vids, I am inclined to agree. Good job in the comparison pictures.

Anyone ever notice that Konstantin's UPPER back is more rounding than anything else? Check this out: (WFS)
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