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Re: New to Paleo...critique my diet

Originally Posted by Joshua Desmond View Post
In the first 2 weeks I seem to be thinning out so far without dropping strength or metcon time. I will have to revisit it again sometime soon to make sure I am not losing any strength. My gains are not too far off, so I think I might be able to afford to lose a few lbs while gaining strength. My goals as far as strength go:
DL - 450 (currently 425)
Squat - 350 (currently 340)
Press - 200 (currently 175) I know this will be the hardest
I don't have anything to say on your diet beyond what's already been said.

But, in terms of your lifts, what is your snatch, squat clean, and jerk at? If you are looking to compete in more than just this one challenge, you'll want to focus on those lifts also. Your power clean is 250, so I would definitely look to improve that.
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