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Re: Butterfly Dip

Originally Posted by Andrew Schechterly View Post

I think it was you I saw a while ago talking about the swinging type dips. I'm not sure what they were called but it's the ones mentioned earlier where you pike. I tried those and it was the ugliest clusterfudge of random movement I have ever beheld. Any ideas on how to get the rhythm down? For example, links to videos or pictures where it's broken/slowed down?
I started with the Basic Support Swing on Rings:

This (WFS) is where I started...

Here (WFS, has an ad at the beginning) is the first good video that popped up of what a good support swing looks like...though the young man is on get the idea.

Then after becoming used to this, just follow Coach Sommer's Swinging Dip progression...he has videos (on p-bar as well though).

Coach Sommer Swinging Dip (WFS)

edit: There's probably much better video of a support swing on rings then mine, as I'm just a CF'er utilizing gymnastics like most everyone else here...If you search and find one, pls post it here.

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