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Re: The masters competition is a joke!

It doesn't matter the size or shape of the container, cream always rises to the top. Those who adapted to the conditions best posted the best times. It there a better way to have equal footing across the competitions? I'm sure there is. Nothing is ever perfectly fair to everyone. As far as calling names... Sorry if I offended you, your tone came across to me as "sour grapes." I get that, there are times that I feel slighted during crossfit workouts/challenges, too. I chose not to respond then figuring it was in the heat of the moment, whatever. After Henninger responded, and did apologize to you, and stated he thought things will continue to improve, is obviously wasn't enough. I felt offended by your "quota" comment. You wanted to continue the dialogue. So I added my $0.02; you didn't like what you heard. Grow some callouses and thicken your skin. This is Crossfit, deal with it and stop whining. Embrace the suck and march on. Cream will continue to rise. Maybe next year you could step up and offer to run the masters portion of your regional games.
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