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Re: Website Help! Newbie Affiliate Here

Congrats on you on your affiliate!
I would honestly say that working with a website is limited to how much time you are willing to put into it. Eventually, it's be a fully self-functioning entity that helps streamline your work so that you can focus more on the athletes.

I started out lucky because my I had to take web design classes for my degree. Everything I learned was thrown out of the window when I learned to use content management systems (CMSs). These make a fully dynamic site that can anyone can use with a little patience. Word Press and Joomla! are the two most popular CMS's out there. I get a feeling that a lot of affiliates prefer Word Press. Both have an extremely large community of support.

I use Joomla because I got better reviews for it. All it took was the install file, a reliable hosting service (Blue Host is mine, I heard that GoDaddy is better), and Joomla! For Dummies. I had a website up in a week that I got paid 2300 euros for. I didn't have to spend any money except for the web space. Any additional add-ons to the site is free, and it's cool to know that I can create a site on the same level as Apple(Asbru is their CMS) and the Discovery Channel(Joomla! is their CMS).

The sky is the limit on website making. There's nothing wrong with using a blog site, but there will be times when some folks can't access the site due to Cyber Nanny issues and you are extremely limited in creativity. Remember that the quality of the site is determined by the quality of work put in. Your site will do the rest for you.

It was a long reply, but I hope it helps.

Tony, CrossFit Liberty
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