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Re: Plandomization

Like Everett says, smart randomization. The "Plandomization" name is cool, I wish I thought of that name.

I don't CrossFit, but I've been tinkering around with the idea of randomizing (really randomizing, not just deterministic variation or so-called intuitive training or "whatever Coach wants to do today") workouts yet being able to change the parameters of the randomization for a few years, and put up my webpage a while ago. Like we all know, the benefits randomization gives are important, but the parameters must be able to be altered to account for an individual situation and goals all while keeping the randomization aspect.

For example, I wanted to get better at burpees, focus on my weak ab muscles, and train for a 10k. So I added exercises to address these things to the mix to come up more frequently in the randomized selection. Much like when I was practicing fencing for a local competition I'd add more lunges and related exercises to the mix.

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