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Re: 400m time guidelines

Originally Posted by Kirez Reynolds View Post
Patrick, I think the CrossFit Seattle 4-levels skills sheets are right on.

Jacob, I wasn't a great runner in high school. I ran a 4:50 mile and a 10:30 2-mile. But your times are absurd. You cannot judge this from the POV of a competitive 400m specialist, duh. That's like saying that intermediate level bench press should be 300 lbs, beginner should be 225 lbs.

Eg., the advanced, level 3 (Level 4 = elite) running metric is a 2:50 or less 800 meter.
eh... I wasn't a even a good runner in high school, and I was in high school last year. My best mile was 5 minutes and my best 2 mile was 11:15. So I'm slower than you are. Not to mention I've said in all of my posts (or at least, I think I did), that the times I was talking about were strictly from a track perspective. I never said that it was for everyone. Who am I to say what's good for everyone when my entire life right now is focused on running a 400 in under 50 and an 800 in under 1:55? And I consider my high school times (53.5 and 2:04) to be terrible. I think I even said that for someone who's not a runner, a 2:00 untrained 400 would be fine.

EDIT: And for anyone who wants to improve at sprinting:
combine that with endurance/cardio runs (5 - 8 miles), ladders (50m, 100m, 150m, 200m, 150m, 100m, 50m), fartleks (sprint, jog, walk, jog, sprint, etc...), and just keep yourself active. You do all that and getting under 60 seconds in a 400 for a male athlete of the right age and build is going to be easy.

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