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CrossFit Gyms that are not up to par

I have recently moved across the country and one of the first things that I did was seek out a new x-fit gym.

Let me preface this with the fact that I have hit up several CrossFit gyms since I have been on the program. Like most people, i deviate from the WOD and I program a lot of own stuff for my own goals in life and sport. I have been to great gyms like CrossFit Rochester, The Black Box in Manhattan and Primal Fitness in DC. All of these gyms are really unique and I had a good experience at every one of them.

After training at the new x-fit gym in my new home for a couple of weeks, I was really turned off to this gym. For now, I will not disclose names or locations in the interest of their business and I want to help the community, not hurt it.

At this gym there are 4 trainers. 2-3 of them run crossfit classes but only ONE of them is certified, level I. Like most x-fit gyms, they deviate from the websites WOD and program their own routines.

Of the trainers there, 1 or 2 of them do a really great job but there are some trainers who don't even know proper OHS form teaching classes...the PVC they were training with was not directly over their head but out in front, without an active shoulder, narrow grip width and arms not locked out. With a 5 lb plate, this guy would have been working VERY hard and the trainer didn't even know there was a problem. When I was doing kipping pullups, said trainer told me to "get those pullups any way you can" implying that my kips were cheating. In the meantime, other people in the class weren't even going to full ROM in their pushups, pullups and squats and was not corrected -- and was actually encouraged.

The routines that they program are not also very good. One involved movements that were remarkably similar to biceps curls which i was instantly turned off to. Other workouts are just absolutely insane and would take most x-fitters over 30-40 minutes to complete, which is fine, but they are programmed on a regular basis and the amount of cheating (not using full ROM, not achieving lockout on push presses, no full extension on box jumps and things like this) allows their members to do them in under 20 while I was pushing myself to my absolute failure limits.

My main issue is that I do not want to be a part of a gym that is "CrossFit affiliated" but knows nothing about CrossFit. At another CrossFit gym in the same area, I was told that my head should be looking straight or up, totally altering the natural curve of my cervical spine and that I should not dip my hips past my kneecaps on squats. I do not feel that this is acceptable.

I am not crossfit certified. But if these people are, it makes me very fearful for the future. CrossFit is built on excellence and I am seeing the quality of the newer gyms to be breaking down.

What can I do to correct the problems at my local crossfit gym? What can I do to correct the problem that certain people who are opening crossfit gyms know less than they should about the program and proper technique?

I have already sent an email to CFHQ but i rec'd no response. I am sure they are very busy, but i would like to reach out to the community on this one.

Thank you.

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