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Re: In Search of a Good Poop (or Sh*t Happens)

Your stool should float or at least appear reasonably light; you do not want to be anchoring your toilet to the ground with the weight of your internal offerings.
While I will agree that one's stool should be reasonably light, I would argue against the benefits of a floating stool. As Garrett mentioned, fat floats. If you have greasy, floating stool, it typically means one of two things. Either you're eating way too much fat (think like >60% calories as a rough estimate) or you are having fat malabsorption (bowel infection, bowel hypermotility, problem with pancreas, etc.).

Heavy poop is not a healthy thing; it means your body is not absorbing and using nutrients from your food optimally.
Partially true, but floating stool means the same thing: malabsorption. Too much air in the stool can also cause it to float. If you aren't digesting and absorbing nutrients properly in your bowel (or you have a bacterial overgrowth), the bacteria in there get their hands on it. One of the biproducts of bacterial digestion of foods (especially carbs) is air production. Thus, lots of microscopic air gets incorporated into your stools and they float. Think about lactose intolerant people. They can't digest lactose sugar, so the bacteria get their turn at it, thus causing the affected person to have gas, cramping, and loose (and floating) stools.

Read through the article Garrett linked, it's good stuff. Its content is similar to what I wrote.
My medically-related posts are not medical advice or treatment. Always consult your physician for that information.

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