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Re: What do most of you do for a warmup?

Bike to the gym, general loosening up (walking around, swinging my arms, maybe some MMA warmups like knee strikes, shaking out my extremities and my neck), some goblet squats and overhead squats from the bottom up, and usually a barbell and/or dumbbell complex (5-6 exercises that flow into each other, 6 reps per exercise with no rest, same low weight for all of them).

If I'm in a hurry, I skip the complexes but not the other stuff. Tried the CFWU once, but I just couldn't get into it...wasn't enjoying getting ready as much as I do with my custom warmup. Then again, I've been working out for years, so I already know what gets me warmed up and ready...the CFWU is a good starting point as any, and if you have trouble with any parts of it you can ask about it here.
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