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Re: fitness for a 3 yr old. just keep them outside?

When I workout, I often take my older children with me (6 and 3).
I workout in my home Gym (Set in a little barn at the back of my yard).

They have some light equipment as rubber bars, a small bench, ...

My 3 years old tends to just go as she wants, she imitates me or she does something else. Pre-school kids cannot stay focused for a very long time on a specific activity, so it is better to just set the environment and to let them evolve freely.

Since he began school my 6 years old has become much more structured and is now loving performing rounds for time or AMRAP or EMOM.

I donít force anything, most of the time I must rather temper his effort, he seems to be able to move with intensity for hours 

When I see how they move at such a young age, I am pretty sure they will kick my *** once they are teenagers.
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