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Re: Custom Programming Advice

Have you ever used Beyond The Whiteboard? If not, I recommend researching it. I've started using it in the last couple of months and find it to be a very good tool in helping identify relative weaknesses and also assess the big picture of your programming. BTWB also has multiple coaches offering programming--not sure if any offer custom, but my guess is you could talk one of them into doing so for a fair price.

Invictus does offer Masters specific programming. My box owner has been following it and is quite pleased. He is very strong already, but his weakness (longer metcons) have improved significantly with the programming. He is in his early 40s and found he could no longer handle the volume of some of the better known Regionals and Games competitor's programming. The Masters stuff his is following is still tough, but takes into account limitations masters have in terms of not recovering as quickly as some of the 20 year old hotshots.

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