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Re: The Official Smolov Support Thread

So, just started week 3 of Smolov. My knees are already bugging me a little bit, which worries me. But I'm going to keep flossing, icing and foam rolling. I do think I'm going to drop the weight by about 10 pounds. I went off my 1RM that I established some time ago and haven't tested since so I'm weary I may have overshot it from the beginning.

I started doing this because I broke my pinky and couldn't grib a barbell or pullup bar. My question is, when I get to week 6 I should be out of my splint and able to use my left hand fairly effectively. Would it be bad to add in a Smolov Jr cycle of bench? I am very weak upper body compared to lower body and would like to address that somewhat. I know they say Smolov should be done all on it's own but I thought perhaps it wouldn't be a big deal since I'd be training two different areas that won't effect each other. Or will I just be too rundown overall as they're both taxing on the body as a whole?
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