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Re: Shane's Wrestling Strength CF Log


20xSome, 40x3, 50x3, 60x2, 70x2, 80x1, 90x1, 95x1, 100x1, 105 (F), 105x1, 108 (F), 108x1, 111 (F, F, F)

Had to work a little bit but made what I needed to make here to set myself up well for later. Plan right now next week is to go 100, 105, and then 108 or 109.

First two attempts at 111 were close, last one not so much. All three were behind.

Hang Power Snatch
70x3, 75x3, 80x3, 85x3, 91x3

Very last rep felt questionable as to whether or not it was power, all the ones before felt great though. Did this just to do it.

Clean and Jerk
70x1, 90x1, 100x1, 110x1, 120x1, 125 (F, F), 125x1, 130 (F), 130x1, 135x1

Again had to work a little bit, but the 135 was the goal as it gave me a PR total. Still have to decide a few things about what I want to do here next Sunday, but good things are happening.
28/5'9"/190/Squat 207 KG/Press 89 KG/Deadlift 220 KG/Snatch 111 KG/C&J 140 KG/Log
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